Strength Training/Small Group Strength

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For those who want to get stronger without the high-impact nature of Crossfit, our personalized strength training program is for you. Each class is limited to six or fewer people to ensure you’re receiving the maximum amount of attention. Using Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medballs and more, this program will improve your core strength while improving your flexibility and mobility. Each individual will have a specifically designed program for them, taking into account your fitness level and injury history. This program will target your strengths and weaknesses; get ready to be stronger than ever!


Have that cardio itch? Our Endurance class is designed to push the limits of your cardiovascular ability; whether you’re training for a race, or just looking to make yourself more well-rounded, our Endurance class will push you to the limit!

Fitness in 45 

Our 45-minute, Fitness in 45 class is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

Crossfit Kids

Our Crossfit Kids classes are for children ages 6 to 14 years old. They will learn the fundamentals of movement, exercise, and nutrition, all while building confidence and having fun while doing so! If you have teens older than 14, they can join our other classes – or possibly take on sport-specific training with Atlas Peak Performance.

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