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Fitness in 45

Our 45 minute, Fitness in 45 class is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.


Have that cardio itch? Our Endurance class is designed to push the limits of your cardiovascular ability; whether you’re training for a race, or just looking to make yourself more well rounded, our Endurance class will push you to the limit!

Strength Training

For those who want to get stronger without the high-impact nature of Crossfit, our personalized strength training program is for you. Each class is limited to six or fewer people to ensure you’re receiving the maximum amount of attention.


Combining strength training, conditioning, and body weight exercises, Crossfit emphasizes full-body functional training to help you get in the best shape of your life. This program is made for every individual and can be scaled for the beginner to the elite athlete. Every day is different, and you’ll utilize an array of equipment like rowers, bikes, barbells, and more. Come achieve more than you ever thought was possible!

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