About Us

Why Paul Bunyan Fitness?

Paul Bunyan is the lumberjack of American folklore whose stories are legendary not only because of his massive size and strength, but because of the clever ways he used his size and strength to solve problems. At Paul Bunyan Fitness, we work hard, but we also work smart and have fun. Whether you’re starting something new or starting all over again, beginner or elite athlete, you will accomplish things you’ve never done before in your entire life, even if you’ve considered your playing days as over.

From whatever point you are starting at, Paul Bunyan Fitness is committed to developing well-rounded athletes focused on all aspects of well-being. We offer conditioning through our Fitness classes, mobility with our Yoga classes, functional fitness and strength training during our CrossFit classes and functional strength through our Strongman class. Our dedicated community continues to grow with us and friendships are being forged over well-earned high-fives, fist-bumps and laughs. It takes a special kind of energy bring out the best in our members and, within one hour, your achievement in just showing up can make you feel legendary.

Great things can happen for you any given day at Paul Bunyan Fitness.

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