Personal Nutrition with PrimeLife


PrimeLife Nutrition and Paul Bunyan are proud to be able to offer a full-circle approach of services that help you reach your optimal health. When working out, building muscle and increasing cardio, nutrition is a key piece to ensure you continue to improve, enhance, and more importantly recover from each workout. Being a part of Paul Bunyan, Kristen is able to workout with clients, understand the demand the workouts require, and also apply the appropriate foods for recovery based on the client's goals. We know that 80% of weight loss or physical change is mostly due to diet, but having a balance between activity and nutrition is the "it" factor that brings you to the best you're going to feel.

Meet The Nutritionist

Kristen Peterson is passionate about food. She went to college not knowing what she wanted to do with a career, but after learning how food can not only impact your body but your quality of life, she set down the path of nutrition. She has personally dealt with weight gain, weight loss, and weight maintenance, and takes this into account when counseling her clients; everyone is human. She has also worked with disease-related management (ex: Diabetes, high blood pressure, Heart disease, Celiac, and more), weight loss, and sports nutrition. Kristen is a Certified personal trainer as well, which aids her ability to recommend the right foods for the right bodies. Inquire today to find out more about how you can create the right nutritional game plan and unlock your body's full potential!